Vegan Experience Spa & Food

Vegan Experience Spa & Food


Enjoy with your partner a vegan experience of well-being and gastronomy in the center of Barcelona. In SLOW SPA and ROOTS & ROLLS we offer you an original combination to enjoy a relaxing and healthy activity, in which body and mind will enjoy the five senses.


First of all, you can escape from the daily hustle and bustle with a relaxing session of jacuzzi and massage in Barcelona.

In the heart of the city, SLOW SPA transports you to another dimension through its exotic, subtle and elegant space. Inspired by the luxury wellness centers of Southeast Asia, SLOW SPA is a wellness space, welcoming and comfortable, dedicated to relaxation and care of body and mind. An oasis where time stops and tranquility reigns between the soft lighting of the candles and the relaxing melodies in the background.

In our spa in Barcelona you will find an exclusive and personalized service, focused on luxury for the senses and attention to detail. SLOW SPA is the first spa in the city that offers relaxation and beauty treatments with 100% natural, organic and vegan products.

Our philosophy is based on the Slow movement, a lifestyle that promotes a return to calm to counteract the harmful effects of the current hectic world through a more peaceful and responsible lifestyle. Healthy lifestyles are important to reconnect with the body and nature, using products that respect people and the environment.

We are also guided by the Slow Beauty concept, a way of integral care where beauty is in harmony with the passage of time.


And then, you will enjoy an exquisite lunch or dinner with a vegan tasting menu, created to satisfy and surprise your palate.

A few meters from the spa, ROOTS & ROLLS will delight you with its innovative and exciting fusion of Asian and Japanese cuisine, together with an endless world of veggies and spices. Exotic and surprising cuisine and the signature product of the brand ROOTS & ROLLS: the plant-based sushi, where each roll is created with a unique combination of ingredients.

A 100% vegan and healthy tasting menu that will delight your palate in a modern, cozy and with a nice service.


Choose your preferred option and enjoy with your partner an unparalleled experience. We also have a variety of gift packages in Slow Spa to give experiences that are hard to forget.