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Our exclusive selection of massages in Barcelona inspired by the most exotic places in Asia. All Slow Spa massages are made using exclusively the best organic and vegan products. Book your massage here and discover the incredible treatments for the care and relaxation of body and mind that Slow Spa offers you.


An exclusive relaxing massage that helps you reach a special world of soft fragrances, which not only de-stresses your mind, but also improves your physical and emotional fitness. It is especially designed for people who wish to enjoy a multisensory experience. This treatment activates cellular regeneration and remineralizes your skin to reach that sense of balance and well-being in both body and mind.

30 / 50 / 90 minutes   50 / 75 / 110 €
30 / 50 / 90 minutes   50 / 75 63 / 110 €



A relaxation massage. It is especially appropriate for people who want to totally disconnect from their routine and eliminate physical and mental tension.

30 / 50 / 90 minutes   50 / 75 / 110 €
30 / 50 / 90 minutes   50 / 75 63 / 110 €



This firm and effective pressure massage relieves emotional and mental stress as well as loosens and relaxes muscles.

30 / 50 / 90 minutes   55 / 85 / 120 €


LEG FATIGUE with maderotherapy

A massage specially devised to alleviate tired legs after a long strenuous day or simply to reduce a hot day’s tedium. The treatment helps to reduce and prevent further water retention.

30 / 50 minutes   45 / 65 €
30 / 50 minutes   45 / 65 55 €



A relaxing and relieving massage that includes all the properties of the traditional Thai massage and, in addition, provides the relaxation qualities of the aromatic oils that are used in its application. It fully relaxes the body and induces a pleasant sensation of energy. It is recommended to release toxins, activate circulation, reduce muscle tension, balance the nervous system and improve skin elasticity.

75 minutes   110 €



Four hands massage with a constant rhythm and a balanced pressure. It helps to relieve tension and provide a total feeling of well-being. Indicated for those who seek a unique experience of relaxation.

50 / 90 minutes   140 / 220 €


Massages in Barcelona: Tradition and Science in Slow Spa

Massages are a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Your contribution is not only on a physical level, but our mind is also benefited. At Slow Spa we have incorporated the most exotic treatments from Asia to our massages in Barcelona, which will help you achieve beauty and well-being, reduce tension and balance energies.

We combine the wisdom of the Orient and its millenary treatments with the most modern techniques and natural products of efficacy endorsed by science. All this to offer you a unique experience of wellbeing and beauty in each of our massages.

The products of the SCENS line are highly efficient and respectful, and are based on natural active principles. They are 100% organic and vegan products that offer maximum quality, purity and efficacy demonstrated in scientific studies.

Discover the balance as a lifestyle, enjoy the present and treat yourself to a massage in an exclusive environment at the Best Spa in Barcelona.

massages in barcelona
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