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Spa experiences for pregnant women. During these precious moments of pregnancy, looking after yourself is essential.  Remember that while you are caring for yourself outside and inside, you are also taking care of your baby within.  Designed for the different stages of pregnancy, there is nothing better than a relaxing, soothing prenatal massage.

Treatments will only be performed from week 14 to week 36 of gestation.

FACIAL CLEANING for pregnant women

Deep hygiene appropriate for all skin types, this treatment cleanses and balances your skin by providing it with natural anti-oxidant principles and essential fatty acids which increase elasticity, hydration and firmness.

60 minutes   85 €


SENSITIVE FACIAL for pregnant women

This light peeling with rice powder which cleanses your skin in depth is followed up by a relaxing massage using the best oils to provide maximum hydration and to soothe your skin.

60 minutes   70 €


LIGHTENING FACIAL for pregnant women

A facial treatment to restore the softness and luminosity of stressed skin thanks to natural antioxidant principles that prevent signs of aging.

75 minutes   95 €


RELAX for pregnant women

A massage especially appropriate for pregnancy hydrates, relaxes and relieves your back and joints. It brings you calm, emotional balance and reduces stress.

30 / 60 minutes   65 / 100 €


REGENERATING RITUAL for pregnant women

This sublime facial and body treatment thoroughly hydrates and regenerates your skin. It is an ideal moment of relaxation that brings comfort both women and babies.

90 minutes   150 €


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