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Things to do on Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Barcelona


We are already in the month of February, and this month has a very special date for many people, and especially for couples. The date is approaching, so if you have not planned anything, read on and we will discover the best things to do on Valentine’s Day in Barcelona.

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slow life movement

Slow Life Movement


The Slow Life movement is a cultural current that defends a change in the current life system. The Slow culture promotes deceleration and take control of time to achieve greater enjoyment and life quality.

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Slow Food experience en Slow Spa

Slow Food – Gastronomy and wellness in Slow Spa


WHAT IS SLOW FOOD? Slow Food is an upward trend that aims to change the way we eat, in a global movement towards a new lifestyle. The philosophy of Slow Spa is based on the Slow movement, a current that promotes a return to calm to counteract the harmful effects of today’s hectic world. And...

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