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Slow Food – Gastronomy and wellness in Slow Spa


Slow Food is an upward trend that aims to change the way we eat, in a global movement towards a new lifestyle.

The philosophy of Slow Spa is based on the Slow movement, a current that promotes a return to calm to counteract the harmful effects of today’s hectic world. And it is that through a more calm and responsible lifestyle we will improve our health and quality of life.

To do this, we must slow down our daily rhythm and regain control of our time. It is essential to slow down even the most daily tasks and be selective when acting, having clear priorities and reserving time for relaxing or enriching activities.

Today, dragged by the unbridled pace of current life, even the most important daily tasks such as eating are carried out as quickly as possible. Slow Food tries to combat this, defending the pleasure of good food, enjoyed with pause and the attention it deserves, and betting on the quality of raw materials and traditional cuisine.

In addition, Slow Food aims to awaken our conscience, promoting food and a more responsible way of life. To this end, it defends sustainable and environmentally friendly production systems, as well as the consumption of local products.

In Slow Spa we know the importance of healthy living habits to reconnect with the body and nature. Therefore, in our treatments we use exclusively 100% organic and vegan products, respectful of people and the environment. The Slow beauty concept also guides us, a form of integral care where beauty is in harmony with the passage of time.


Now you can enjoy with your partner a slow food experience and a relaxing spa session in the center of Barcelona. In Slow Spa we offer you an original combination of gastronomy and well-being to enjoy a relaxing and healthy activity, in which body and mind will enjoy the five senses: the Spa & Food Experiences.


First of all, you can escape from the daily hustle and bustle with a relaxing session of jacuzzi and massage in Barcelona.

In the heart of the city, SLOW SPA transports you to another dimension through its exotic, subtle and elegant space. Inspired by the luxury wellness centers of Southeast Asia, SLOW SPA is a wellness space, welcoming and comfortable, dedicated to relaxation and care of body and mind. An oasis where time stops and tranquility reigns between the soft lighting of the candles and the relaxing melodies in the background.

In our spa in Barcelona you will find an exclusive and personalized service, focused on luxury for the senses and attention to detail. SLOW SPA is the first spa in the city that offers relaxation and beauty treatments with 100% natural, organic and vegan products.


And then you can enjoy an authentic slow food experience tasting an exquisite lunch or dinner at:


A vegan tasting menu at the Roots & Rolls restaurant, created to satisfy and surprise your palate.

A few meters from the spa, Roots & Rolls will delight you with its innovative and exciting fusion of Asian and Japanese cuisine, along with an infinite world of vegetables and spices. Exotic and amazing cuisine and the brand’s emblem product: plant-based sushi, where each roll is created with a unique combination of ingredients.

A 100% vegan and healthy tasting menu that will delight your palate in a modern and cozy atmosphere, with a nice service.


A tasting menu in the Sintonia restaurant, a kitchen of renewed tradition, born from the selection of the best product.

Sintonia is a gastronomic space where you can enjoy, chat and relax around a table, in a personal and pleasant atmosphere. A real slow food experience because in Sintonia everything counts … less time.

The Sintonia restaurant offers you an elaborate cuisine with a selection of the best products, healthy and full of flavor. A gastronomic proposal of high level, prepared on low heat and grilled.


Choose your favorite Spa & Food Experience and enjoy an original combination as a couple: total relaxation in our spa and the best cuisine for a unique slow food experience.

We also have a great variety of gift pack in Slow Spa to give unforgettable experiences.

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