Things to do on Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Barcelona

We are already in the month of February, and this month has a very special date for many people, and especially for couples. The date is approaching, so if you have not planned anything, read on and we will discover the best things to do on Valentine’s Day in Barcelona.

But in case you are a little clueless, we remind you what we are talking about:

When is Valentine’s Day?

On February 14, Valentine’s Day is celebrated.

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated on February 14?

The origin of the Valentine’s Day is uncertain, and historical data intermingles with legends. The most widespread version refers to Valentine of Rome, a priest in Ancient Rome who professed the Christian faith in the third century A.D.

According to legend, Emperor Claudius II had forbidden engagement and marriage among young people, since single people without families were better soldiers. Challenging the prohibition of the authorities, Valentín officiated weddings according to the Christian rite clandestinely to young couples in love.

For this reason, he was arrested and subsequently executed on February 14, 270 A.D., and that is why Valentine’s Day as a feast of lovers is celebrated every year on that date.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

As we mentioned, there are few days left for many couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day with gifts. In case you are undecided or lacking ideas, there goes a selection of gifts that will help you decide.

Let’s start with the classics. If you do not want to risk, traditional gifts that never fail on the most romantic day of the year can be a success.

  • Flowers. The most typical, the bouquet of red roses, a classic with a special charm. Not in vain that day millions of red roses are given in the world, a symbol of love.
  • Chocolates. Another classic among the classics. And almost all manufacturers launch a special edition for Valentine’s Day.
  • Valentine’s Day Cards. If your budget is a bit limited, or as a complement, cards are a good option. Multitude of designs for all tastes, where you can write your declaration of eternal love.
  • A jewel. Jewelry and watches have always been a symbol of love. You can find thousands of pieces specially designed to express your feelings on Valentine’s Day. And you don’t necessarily have to invest a lot of money, silver jewelry is an economical option and often offers the most original designs.

But if you want to run away from the typical Valentine’s gifts and are looking for a special gift to surprise your partner, here are some different and original ideas.

  • Custom gifts. Currently, there is a wide range of customizable gifts for Valentine’s Day. We find accessories, decorative objects, jewelry, clothes, books, all of them customizable with the name of the loved one, a message of love or photos to immortalize your relationship.
  • Funny gifts. If you live your relationship in a fun way, or looking for something surprising to give away, a touch of humor can transform something simple into unique and different. For example, you have countless cards with the most sarcastic and original messages.
  • Unique and exclusive gifts. And for the most artists or handyman, express your love in a unique way with a painting, a sculpture, a collage, or one of the thousand crafts for Valentine’s that you will find on the internet.
  • Sponsor an animal. Yes, as you hear it, this form of ecological celebration has emerged in recent years. You can sponsor an endangered animal on behalf of your partner. NGO’s like WWF offer this option on their website.
  • Perform an activity as a couple. Finally, instead of gifts, you can live a special experience to congratulate your partner and celebrate your love. Keep reading, because we have a selection of proposals with the best things to do on Valentine’s Day, and finally we will discover the best thing to do on Valentine’s Day in Barcelona.

couple celebrates Valentine's Day in Barcelona

Romantic things to do

It is no secret that experiences are remembered more than objects. Therefore, we believe that plans for two are the ideal choice for next February 14.

Depending on the type of couple you are (more or less active, romantic, fun, etc.) you will feel different experiences, and it is already known that each couple is a world. So we propose a range of the most varied with the best things to do on Valentine’s Day, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and hobbies.

  • A romantic dinner. We start with the classic among the classics, but not for that reason disposable. For many it will be a perfect option, and if you choose a charming restaurant, the evening can be a success. Barcelona offers a great variety of places to enjoy a combination of good gastronomy and romanticism. On the other hand, you can also surprise your partner by preparing a romantic dinner at home, candles, soft music and a decorated table can work miracles. In addition, let’s not forget that it can also be the final icing for any activity.
  • Make plans together in the city. Often, due to the daily hustle and bustle, we don’t know as much of our own city as we thought, and we wasted many options to spend an ideal and economical couple’s day. Strolling through the most romantic corners of the city, contemplating it from an elevated area, and enjoying it calmly can be a perfect plan.
  • Enjoy a cultural activity. If you are lovers of art, cinema or music, but you cannot enjoy it often, you can take advantage of this day to enjoy it together. The options are many and varied: go to the theater, watch a movie, go to a concert, enjoy an exhibition of photography or painting … And if yours is creativity, a painting or sculpture workshop, or a cooking workshop are Ideal to enjoy as a couple.
  • Sports and adventure. If yours is the activity and you like sports or adventure, living an experience full of adrenaline can be an original option that you will remember without a doubt. Luckily, there is a lot to choose from: snowmobile route, parachute jump, plane or balloon flight, enjoy weightlessness in a wind tunnel, mountaineering routes, horseback riding, swimming with dolphins, and a long et cetera that will undoubtedly satisfy the most intrepid.
  • A rural weekend getaway. Not surprising at all the boom that rural tourism has experienced in recent years. And it allows us to flee from the accelerated and stressful pace of urban life and enjoy a more leisurely and full way of living, in the line of the Slow Life movement, which we talked about in depth a previous publication. Near big cities like Barcelona we have towns of great beauty. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in one of the many charming rural hotels is ideal to enjoy a romantic, peaceful and in touch with nature weekend as a couple.
  • A romantic trip. If we talk about romanticism, there are European cities a few hours away by plane ideal for a romantic getaway in February. Two classic destinations are Paris or Venice that dispute the title of city of love. Without a doubt, Rome is also a city that falls in love, and a unique framework for a couple’s trip. On the other hand, we have Prague, not so well known, but for many the most beautiful city in Europe. And finally we can not forget cosmopolitan cities like Barcelona or London, ideal to live experiences as a couple.
  • Relax as a couple in a spa. A treatment for two in a spa is undoubtedly an excellent option. You can enjoy with your partner an experience that allows you to disconnect from the routine and take care of your body and mind in a relaxing environment. Without a doubt, a plan that will make you remember that Valentine’s Day as something special.

At Slow Spa we do not need a specific date to enjoy relaxing and romantic experiences. That is why we offer the Romantic Experiences throughout the year, our selection of special treatments for couples.

It is about romantic experiences in an exclusive and private space where you can enjoy our magnificent treatments and therapies, which you can accompany with a relaxing jacuzzi session. All this in a relaxing environment inspired by Southeast Asia. In addition, all romantic experiences include a detail to share at the end of the treatment.

You can learn more about the Slow Spa Romantic Experiences in the article “Experiences for couples to relax”.

And if you still want more, we offer you our winning experience among the best things to do on Valentine’s Day in Barcelona…

Discover the best thing to do on Valentine’s Day in Barcelona

That’s right, in Slow Spa we have for you the best thing to do on Valentine’s Day, the best plan for you to surprise your partner with an unparalleled experience that will remain in your memory:

Enjoy a complete and romantic plan as a couple with our Spa & Food Experiences.

massages for couples in spa

The Spa & Food Experiences offer you a complete experience to share with your partner and achieve a perfect Valentine’s day. An original combination of wellness and gastronomy in an intimate and exclusive environment.

  • First, you will enjoy a romantic jacuzzi session accompanied by cava and fruit.
  • Next, a relaxing body massage session for two. All this in one of our spacious private rooms for couples, in a relaxing atmosphere and an exotic, subtle and elegant decoration inspired by Southeast Asia. When you enter Slow Spa the pace changes, and it is easy to forget about the rush and everyday problems and relax completely.
  • And to end a romantic dinner in one of the selected restaurants. A tasting of delicious dishes made with top quality products and in a very cozy setting.
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