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Couples Massage Barcelona

Are you looking for experiences for couples, like a couples massage, during your trip to Barcelona?

Then, you should undoubtedly discover Slow Spa. You will enjoy a temple dedicated to total disconnection, a space of well-being inspired by Asia, cozy and comfortable, where you will relax with the most romantic couple experiences. After enjoying the sea, gastronomy, shopping, leisure, culture and art offered by the city of Barcelona, nothing better than relaxing with your partner in our exclusive spa.

Often, with the frenetic pace of everyday life, we don’t have enough time or energy to enjoy our partner. We forget to pay all the attention it deserves to our relationship and enjoy experiences as a couple, like a good couples massage. And not only that, but, all too often, we are not even able to devote the necessary time to ourselves. If you want to know more about this life proposal, we invite you to read our article Slow Life Movement.

That is why in Slow Spa we propose to slow down and devote more attention to the present, to ourselves, to our environment and to the people with whom we live. And for couples, it is essential to dedicate time to each other, abandon the daily routine and enjoy together quality moments that bring you peace and serenity.

With Slow Spa couples massage in Barcelona, you will enter a unique space of serenity where the rhythm changes and it is easy to forget about the rush and problems. An environment to relax completely and escape from the routine of everyday life, but also to share unforgettable moments with that special person that will strengthen the relationship with your partner.

Experiences for couples in Slow Spa
Couples massages Barcelona to relax in Slow Spa.

Slow Spa’s massages for couples: Romantic Experiences

In Slow Spa we offer you three romantic experiences of massages for couples in Barcelona, specially created to enjoy as a couple, which will also bring you relaxation and well-being for body and mind.

  • ROMANTIC MASSAGE: A 50-minute couple massage that will give you deep relaxation based on aromatherapy and muscle decontracting techniques.
  • ROMANTIC EXPERIENCE: Complete 90-minute experience to balance and harmonize your energies, based on aromatherapy and our relaxing massages. You will enjoy a massage of your choice, followed by a facial treatment, a craniofacial massage or a body peeling.
  • ROMANTIC LUXURY: Our most complete experience to enjoy as a couple. Facial and body treatment, lasting 120 minutes, which helps relieve tension and improve the appearance of the face. An aromatic massage, at your choice, is combined with a body peeling that deeply cleanses the skin, followed by a personalized facial treatment to take care of the appearance before or after a special occasion. A luxury for the senses and for the body thanks to our organic and vegan products.

Remember that you can also add 30 minutes of Jacuzzi to any of the treatments to complete a unique experience in a most relaxing environment. A space inspired by Asia, with exotic, subtle and elegant decoration, and where music and aromas play a prominent role to offer an unforgettable and unforgettable wellness experience.

And also, if what you want is to enjoy with your partner a relaxing experience of well-being and gastronomy, you should know our foddie proposal: SPA & FOOD EXPERIENCE.

Unforgettable experiences for couples in Barcelona

If you want to escape from the daily routine and live an unforgettable experience in Barcelona, the Slow Spa couples massages will help you achieve balance of body and mind and strengthen the bonds of your couple. You can enjoy time together and at the same time relax and recharge energy.

Our cabins for couples are designed to offer an exclusive and private space where you can enjoy our magnificent treatments and therapies. In addition, all romantic experiences include a gift to share at the end of the treatment.

You should also know that in all treatments we use only natural, organic and vegan products. Our exclusive range of products is based on the effectiveness of natural active ingredients, and does not include in its composition ingredients or derivatives of animal origin or artificial chemical elements.

You can book here your experiences as a couple or purchase our Gift Pack to surprise with a special gift.

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