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Relax in Barcelona

Do you want to know where to find the relax in Barcelona you need? Keep reading and you will discover how to enjoy an authentic relaxing experience in Barcelona.

Few cities offer the wide cultural diversity we find in Barcelona. In addition, its location on the shores of the Mediterranean allows you to enjoy kilometers of beaches and a mild climate most of the year.

Barcelona is also an important epicenter of modern art, a dynamic and active city, with a constant evolution that often places it at the forefront of the latest trends. Great artists like Miró or Picasso created their work in the city, and their influence is still evident. It also has a unique architecture, inheritance of Catalan Modernism. Thus, in Barcelona we find the most important works of Gaudí, one of the most unique and distinctive styles of modern architecture.

In short, Barcelona is a unique city, cosmopolitan, modern and full of life, but at the same time it can be a bustling and stressful place. Like any big city, it can be an environment too intense for some people, due to its frenetic and constant rhythm.

Fortunately, if you need to disconnect from that accelerated pace of life, there is a temple of well-being and relaxation, an oasis of peace in the middle of the big city, which will allow you to relax and find the necessary balance between body and mind:

This is SLOW SPA, a new wellness space inspired by Asia, cozy and comfortable, located in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample.

Slow Spa: a space for relax in Barcelona

In the center of the city of Barcelona, we have created a space where time stands still. Slow Spa offers you a serenity space amidst the urban bustle, a temple of relaxation and beauty for body and mind that will allow you to disconnect, renew and recharge.

Slow Spa facilities offer the greatest comfort and a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. With a decoration inspired by Southeast Asia and a stillness that invites you to enjoy the experience to the fullest, Slow Spa offers you an ideal space to stop and enjoy time for you.

Benefits of a relaxing spa experience

Enjoy a multisensory beauty and wellness experience immersed in an oasis of absolute tranquility.

In Slow Spa we bet on taking the necessary time to enjoy the moment and understand that, in addition to the aesthetic benefits, the treatment also provides others that help fight stress. Our Slow philosophy represents knowing how to stop, leaving aside the maelstrom of the world around us, to achieve the necessary balance and connection between body and mind.

With this objective, we have created a wide range of treatments that stimulate all the senses, offering relaxing experiences that lead to a state of balance and well-being.

Treatments offered by Slow Spa

You can take a trip to relax in Barcelona through the wide variety of Slow Spa treatments. Get with our treatments the balance of body and mind. In addition, to make each experience unique, you can find treatments adapted to your needs through exclusive and personalized attention.

Discover the treatments of Slow Spa:

  • FACIAL TREATMENTS: The range of facial treatments offers cleansing, hydration and nutrition to take care of facial skin. You will also find a specific treatment for oily skin with skin detoxification. In addition, our firming and anti-aging treatments, with deep cell regeneration and lifting effect, repair the skin returning its beauty.
  • MASSAGES: The variety of Slow Spa massages allows you to choose the one that suits your current needs: relaxing massages, aromatherapy or maderotherapy, or the strongest decontracting massages, etc. It also highlights our range of oriental massages, such as Traditional Thai massage, a deep body therapy performed based on pressures and passive stretching, our Thai massage, performed with the feet, or our traditional Turkish massages with foam, the Turkish Bath Foam.
  • BODY TREATMENTS: And for the care of the skin of the whole body, nothing better than our body treatments. Detox techniques and exfoliating treatments, combined with the best products to revitalize, tone and improve skin firmness, while providing deep relaxation experiences.
  • RITUALS: To care for and harmonize body and mind, nothing like the complete Slow Spa rituals. Authentic multisensory experiences that take care of your entire body while offering you a relaxing experience. Disconnect and release tensions enjoying the moment. A luxury for your senses and your body thanks to our exclusive organic and vegan products.
  • ROMANTIC EXPERIENCES: If what you are looking for is to share with your partner a romantic experience of the most relaxing you are in luck. Our cabins for couples are designed to offer an exclusive and private space where you can enjoy our magnificent treatments in a special environment. All romantic experiences include a detail to share at the end of the treatment.
  • TREATMENTS FOR PREGNANT WOMEN: During such an important time as pregnancy is your care is essential. Remember that while you pamper yourself, you take care of the creature in your womb. In the stages of pregnancy, to relieve discomfort, there is nothing better than a relaxing prenatal massage. Discover our facials and special massages for the pregnancy stage.
  • SPA & FOOD EXPERIENCE: SLOW SPA offer you a 100% relaxing and healthy experience of wellness and gastronomy for two people in the center of Barcelona. An exclusive combination that begins with a complete wellness experience in our spa, followed by a foodie experience in which you can taste delicious dishes made with top quality products and in a very cozy setting.
  • BEAUTY PARTY: Enjoy a day of wellness in a group. A new concept to enjoy a day of well-being with your friends, family or coworkers. A special, different and fun idea completely personalized in a unique environment that will make you forget the stress and daily routine to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

All the products that are applied in the treatments are 100% natural, organic and vegan. Our products do not include in their composition ingredients or derivatives of animal origin, nor do they incorporate harmful chemical elements such as silicones, sulfates or pegs, so used in conventional cosmetics.

In Slow Spa we work with products based on natural active ingredients of high efficacy demonstrated in different scientific studies. Our products offer extraordinary results and bring benefits to our body thanks to its high concentration and purity of active ingredients.

As you can see, Slow Spa offers a wide selection of unique relaxing experiences to achieve that balance and relax in Barcelona that you need so much. We are waiting for you at our spa in Barcelona!

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