Turkish bath foam and massage

Turkish Bath Foam Massage & Scrub

Coming from the traditional Turkish hammam, Slow Spa offers you a unique experience: the Turkish bath and foam massage. Discover this original and exclusive treatment to care for and purify the entire body while you relax deeply.

Traditional Turkish wisdom at the service of beauty and health

The Turkish baths, like the previous Roman baths, are public spaces created for body cleansing and relaxation, but they also fulfill a social and cultural function.

The traditional Turkish bath or hammam is a type of bath that, by means of heat, exfoliation and massage, is intended both to cleanse and purify the body and to relax the spirit.

In Slow Spa we have been inspired by traditional Turkish wisdom to create an exclusive treatment: the Turkish Bath Foam Massage & Scrub. Read on to get to know this extraordinary experience that brings great benefits for the health and beauty of your whole body.


Turkish bath and massage in Slow Spa

In Slow Spa, the Turkish massage ritual consists of several body purification procedures: exfoliation, foam massage, hot water bath, and hydration with essential oils.

The treatment is carried out in a private cabin, on a special stone bed in the traditional Turkish hammam style, prepared in our pool for water treatments. In turn, the cabin has a heat source to maintain a warm temperature throughout the process.

The serie of body treatments that are carried out during the Turkish Bath Foam Massage & Scrub provide great benefits for the skin and body:

  • Elimination of dead skin cells and toxins from the body
  • Body stimulation and muscle toning
  • Elimination of tiredness and relief of muscle ailments
  • Deep skin hydration
  • Full body and mind relaxation

As you can see, the Turkish massage moisturizes, cleanses and softens the epithelial tissue, to keep it smooth and elastic, while the revitalizing action of friction and vigorous massage (with choice of medium or deep pressure) activate the blood circulation.

Turkish Bath Foam Massage & Scrub step by step

The treatment has the following phases:

  1. With the client lying on their back on a stone table
    • Full body scrub friction
    • Full body coverage with abundant foam
    • Vigorous massage with medium or deep pressure
  2. Repeat the first three steps with the client lying face down
  3. Full body hot water bath
  4. Already in dry stretcher, complete body hydration based on essential oils

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