take care of your skin in autumn

Take care of your skin in autumn

We explain why it is so important to take care of your skin in autumn. With the arrival of autumn the first cold days appear after the long summer. In addition, it is a time where continuous changes in temperature and various atmospheric conditions can affect your skin.

Prepare your skin for autumn

With the drop in temperatures, the skin tends to dry out. This is due to the fact that the cold causes vasoconstriction in the capillaries of the skin, so blood supply decreases. In these circumstances, our epidermis receives less oxygen and less nutrients, which is why the accumulation of dead cells is greater.

To end up aggravating the problem, this increase in dead cells in our epidermis in turn causes it to receive less sebaceous secretion, which nourishes and protects it from external agents.

It is for all these reasons that in times of cold our skin is drier and more sensitive, and therefore requires special care to keep it beautiful and healthy.

Keep reading and we will explain what steps to keep your skin this fall in the best conditions.

Repair the skin in autumn

But also, autumn is an ideal season to repair your skin, which has been exposed to the summer sun, and prepare it for the rigors of winter.

During the summer, and especially on vacation, we often mistreat our skin with sun exposure. Practices such as intense sun exposure at central times of the day, or the intensive use of tanning booths, can cause serious problems for the skin, both aesthetically and healthily.

In many cases the use of protective creams is not enough to protect the dermis, either by not choosing the appropriate level of protection, or by not renewing its application during the hours of exposure to solar radiation. In addition, high temperatures contribute to greater dehydration of the skin.

And, although the sun has beneficial effects on health, inadequate exposure can produce short-term sunburn, and long-term degenerative changes in the dermis, such as premature aging.

Steps to take care of your skin

In conclusion, given this scenario, it is clear that autumn is a key time to recover and protect our skin, making sure that it looks beautiful and healthy throughout the year.

These are the steps you must follow to get it:

  • Perform an exfoliation of the skin of the face and body, in order to eliminate dead cells and stimulate cell regeneration.
  • Provide intensive hydration, both to recover the skin from sun damage and to form a protective barrier against adverse external agents, such as rain or cold.
  • Clean the skin properly. Hygiene is important for the skin, but excess can be harmful. It is necessary to keep the skin clean, but without exceeding neither in the use of soaps nor in the frequency of cleaning. We must use products with a neutral PH or suitable for delicate skin.

In Slow Spa we have the best products and treatments to pamper and care for your skin while you relax. An ideal proposal for this time of year is our exclusive Turkish Bath Foam, a comprehensive treatment that repairs and covers all the needs of your skin, while offering you the most relaxing experience thanks to the massage with foam and hot water.

If you want to know more about this treatment originating in Turkish hammam, you can read this article that we publish with all the information in detail.

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